Big Modern Kitchen with light- 43 pcs set


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  • 43 Accessories
  • The kitchen makes sounds and lights and the tap is pouring water, which will make the fun even better.
  • multimedia panel, responsible for activating the sounds and lights in the oven,
  • 2 burners, one of them has the function of steam,
  • a sink with a tap, after which the container is filled with water,
  • countertop for preparing meals
  • Spacious cabinet with a sliding door,
  • large oven,
  • chalk board for saving recipes and orders,
  • shelves, fruit basket, hangers for kitchen accessories.In addition, the kit includes:
  • pot, pan and lid,
  • 2 flat plates,
  • 1 bowl,
  • 1 cup
  • cutlery (knife, fork, two spoons and teaspoon),
  • kitchen accessories (ladle, knife, spatula, pasta spoon),
  • salt shaker, pepper shaker, sugar bowl,
  • 2 boxes with graphics of cookies,
  • ketchup and mustard, milk Play food:


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