Pack of 24 Pcs – 11mm Glue Stick / Imported Glue Stick


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  • This mini hot glue gun is an ideal tool for home, office and school DIY arts and crafts projects. It is also perfect for daily basic repairs. The compact nozzle fits perfectly in small cracks of furniture, household appliances, toys, shoes, glass fish tank, circuit board, etc.
  • It heats up in 3-5 minutes. When it reached a certain temperature, it will maintain constant temperature automatically.
  • Built-in fuse prevents it from overheating. The plug has been approved by UL. Simply pull the trigger gently, the melted glue will ooze out smoothly. On/ Off switch makes it more convenient to use as there is no need to unplug and plug the gun frequently when you just leave for a moment. LED indicator light tells you whether the power is on or not. The nozzle is wrapped by rubber which will protect you from scald.
  • The detachable and flexible metal holder can stabilize the glue gun. The gun will safely rest on the stand and it keeps the nozzle downward.
  • Up to 6+
  • 11 mm


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